Pilates Specialized Equipment

Joseph Pilates invented specialized equipment to assist clients in their ability to perform his mat exercises.  All exercises require stabilization of the core muscles.


The Reformer

The Reformer uses springs and a moving carriage to add resistance and your body weight to perform exercise.  Pilates exercises on the reformer are conducted while seated, standing, lying and kneeling on the carriage.  Additional small equipment, such as the long box and maple pole, are used to enhance your exercise experience.


The Cadillac

The Cadillac (or trapeze table) uses springs attached to straps and bars to perform the exercises.  The Cadillac includes a trapeze and hanging fuzzy straps to perform upper body and core strength-training exercises.


The Split-pedal Stability Chair

The Split-pedal Stability Chair uses springs attached to pedals for resistance while performing exercises using the extremities.  Exercises are performed seated, lying, kneeling and standing on the chair and pedals.  Handles are attached for performing non-weight bearing exercises.